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Q: How long are the trips?

Mission length varies by the organization and the mission type. Commonly a trip will last at least 7 with travel days.

Q: Are there any language requirements?

Language skills are not required but are usually a great asset. The teams travel with a team of interpreters always. When you meet with your team prior to traveling to Guatemala, we provide with material to help you communicate with simple and effective phrases. Both cultural and linguistic contexts are taken into consideration, but the short-term worker should also expect to work hard at communicating and being flexible.

Q: What does the cost of the trip include?

Your trip land cost includes all in-country expenses (all meals, lodging, in-country transportation, bottled water, secondary travel insurance, cultural events, taxes, tips, and fees). The only thing it does not include is personal spending on gifts, souvenirs, and extra snacks or drinks.

Q: Is there a training we receive before the trip?

Volunteers will receive training preparation prior to their departure, including information on the country, culture, language, the ministry program, what to pack and the details of the trip. The trip leader will also guide you as you process the mission trip experience while on the trip and when you return.

Q: What is notincluded in the cost of the trip?

Passports, passport photos, fundraising letters/postage, medical exam/immunizations required for the trip, travel medications, souvenirs, personal meals to and from the destination and some tourist-type events.

Q: How many bags do I need to bring with me?

As part of the trip, we ask each member of the team to carry two pieces of checked luggage. The first one will contain all your personal items. The second one will contain humanitarian aid and all items needs for mission projects and ministry in the country. We cover this during the training.